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Checkout Policy

Checkout Time is 10:00AM


Before you leave, we just ask a couple of favors to help our housekeeper prepare for our next guests.


  • Place all used sheets and towels on the shower floor or in the bathtub/shower in separate piles.

  • Take all trash, including bathroom trash bags, out to the dumpster located at the west end of the property.

  • Load all dishes into the dishwasher and run it on the normal cycle, if your cabin does not have a dishwasher please wash all dished and leave them in the drying rack.

  • Remove any opened food items from the refrigerator and freezer.

  • Turn off lights.

  • Please close all windows.

  • Please make sure that all heaters are turned down.

  • Place the keys back where you found them upon checking in.

  • Please, check your car for any items that are supposed to remain at the house. 

  • Have a safe journey home!


If you choose, we would also love for you to follow us on Facebook and share your experience and photos with our Rolling R family.

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